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Stay sassy, stay judgy, stay tuned ;~)

Favorite snack: pickle spears wrapped in thin sliced ham stuffed with cream cheese Favorite drink: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale I just heard the outtake and LOL'd in the office. I love listening, have a few episodes to catch up on.


I’m obsessed with this podcast! Love the chemistry and sense of humor. Very well done!

Love your show

Found you on The podcast awards, glad I did! Enjoying so far!!


Love your show. True crime has always intrigued me and you all make it so interesting and fun.

You girls reached Romania !

It covers interesting crimes + topics in general . The girls are pretty funny actually and they have just the right amount of sarcasm and acidity to their tone to make them the perfect judgy girls. Great job, keep it going we love it ❤️.

Love love love their voices!!

Could listen to these ladies all day!! One of my all time favorite podcasts now because they are so genuine. Their stories are so interesting and not something you’ve heard of before. Love to hear the stories from Germany as not many podcasters expand outside of the US. I listen as soon as the drop a new episode!


very informative podcast , enjoyed it ‼️ Funny and yet serious!

Great podcast!

The hosts have good chemistry together and pick interesting cases to cover. The episodes seem well researched and the storytelling flows nicely.

Epic comedic murder

The banter, the humor and the absolute distaste for murderous criminals- and the guts to call them what we all want to call them. Perfection!

Must listen!

These two girls are hilarious and serious at the same time. They do an amazing job at covering the cases. I think they're coworkers and you can tell they've known each other for a long time, which makes it for a great dynamic. Keep up the good work, ladies!

I really like these 2 ladies

These ladies are funny & fun. I don’t mind hearing about their lives and I love the way they cover cases. It’s like listening to friends talk. Doesn’t hurt that they are local to me I believe and one of them is my age 😂 so she talks about old stuff from back in the day ❤️

Great show

Gotta give it up, in the crowded world of true crime podcasts you both have produced a really nice, informative show that stands out in both content and production!! Kudos to Andrea and Claudia for dropping knowledge. Remember, stay dead inside (wink, wink) Bobby Digital

Loved it!!

They’ve got a new weekly listener.

2 talented talkers

Give em a listen! You won’t be able to to not subscribe!!!