Nov. 23, 2022

Season 3, Episode 27: The Osborne Family Murder

Season 3, Episode 27: The Osborne Family Murder

Claudia is talking about the horrific murders of the Osborne Family and it happened right here in Fort Wayne, IN...literally in our backyard. 
When Daniel Osborne didn't show up up for work at the local paper, the News Sentinel in September 1983, a coworker decided to go check on him. When he arrived he saw both, Daniel and his wife Jane's  cars in the driveway. When no one answered the door he peeked through a window and saw Jane on the floor and immediately called the police. When Police arrived they found Daniel, Jane, their 11 yr old son Benjamin and the family dog all dead. They found little 2 yr old Caroline in her room playing with toys and bleeding. She was also beaten and left for dead. She wandered around the house for 2 days with her family dead before anybody found her....


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