Dec. 6, 2021

Season 2, Episode 6: Bicycle Accessories & George Michael

Season 2, Episode 6: Bicycle Accessories & George Michael

After Nicole van den Hurk’s 1995 murder case went largely ignored for more than 20 years, stepbrother Andy van den Hurk did the only thing he could think of to get the police to reexamine the matter with a DNA test: He falsely confessed to her murder. This is one hell of a ride...

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Hey, I'm Andrea.

And I'm Claudia. And where

did you crime girl? Hi. Hello.

  We're here. We're back.   Yes.   No, I think you're the only one rapping.   On her lunch hour. You should see our back room in the office. It looks like Santa's little workshop,   Amazon had to come twice today.

Look   the best deals. Well, I not that I was snooping but Andrea has notifications coming on her phone, you know, when she gets notifications of anything. Really, and I she made me listen to a video   of a record recording. Anyway, it came across shop, shopaholics

  something about a 30% discount.   I almost clicked on it what's on sale today? But I didn't know

  I am learning about   look, guys. I think I have a little bit of an obsessive personality disorder. It's like, oh, it's going to be a great Christmas. I have to make sure they've had just

and then she opens packages. Oh, I ordered something for myself.

  Guys, okay. I can't be the only one if you if I'm not alone. Please message me. So, I feel better

about my yeah, she's like, I probably won't get anything. So, I got something for myself to unwrap

  this.   And then, here's me opening, one thing, right?

  I'm sorry.   No, I thought it was funny. Oh, look, I got some for myself because that's totally me.   Terrible. My birthday, my birthday. My Christmas present is my new fancy phone. I love it. I upgraded, finally, from the iPhone XR to the iPhone 13. Promax.


takes amazing pictures. I love taking pictures, especially of my dogs, and the X are had probably the worst. That camera of all the iPhones. A, my iPhone 6 Plus took better pictures.   So so I'm back taking pictures of my dogs

  are so cute. Anyway, she does a great job of just kind of, you know, detailing her life and just saying it taking adorable pictures.

Well lately it's of my cocoa bombs   us because   You're so tasty.

Favorite are the Grinch ones? Yeah. Sorry. I can't help

it. I think my favorite as far as look goes, are the little polar bears. I made? Those were adorable.

But we, you guys, we figured out a way to attach QR codes and Spotify.


And to the hot cocoa bomb tags. Yeah. And Christmas gifts and whatnot. Yeah, it's amazing.

I love it. I love it. I love it.   Then a nice like one of my favorite Christmas songs or a Christmas story or

or a

trivia game. So yeah, so cute. I love it. Thank you. Thank you. Hey, listen business real quick. We have a few new listeners   or we gained some new listeners last week, which I'm super excited about not just want to shout out. Some people in the Okay,   Canada, Australia. Philippines. We had quite a few listeners from the Philippines. Brazil, Pakistan, coming and strong, number seven, Germany,   and France, and Norway. I was just really like, whoa. Philippines, Australia. Hello, Australia. We love you. I'm obsessed with Australia.

That is amazing. I have no,

  remember how we always. We mainly me. Say if I ever hit the jackpot. My first thing I would do is fly first class to Australia. That is my goal. If I ever win the lottery, or maybe if this podcast takes off and we go on tour.   Yes,   otherwise, it's not worth my time. My dollar my time, whatever. So.

  Thank you guys for listening. Yes,   all of it.   Part of my Christmas tradition that I do at home. I love to watch Silence of the Lambs every year quietly.   Make my living room, you know transformation, but   what's your creepy holiday tradition?

I don't have one.

  We want to see all of your Weird elf on the shelf ideas. We need those.

Yeah. Our listeners. Yes. Yeah, hashtag. Judgey crime Girls. Hashtag. Stay judgy. Yes.

I have not

done him in a long time. My kids don't care. They're like   so I don't do it anymore.   But yeah, Christmas is upon

us, right. I love it. And I have a gift for you.

Okay? I'm ready for it. She told me a little bit about it. So I did I couldn't wait and normally it's klaudia. That kind of dives into some German bullshit with you guys.   I kind of decided to I could not do this story. I sent this one to her a while ago, actually, and she didn't pick up on it. So here we are.

  So Nicole be and in herc her murder case went cold. So her stepbrother falsely confessed to have her body exhumed for DNA testing and that's how the headlines read. That's what pulled me. And and

kind of smart in a way, I you know, if you didn't have anything to do with it and or they didn't do what they needed to do to just say, yeah, did it and they exhumed the body. It's kind of smart if you didn't do it.

  So, so a little bit about her, she was born on the fourth of July in 1980. I know   in our gal, Germany to a single mother. Do you know where that's at?

  How do you spell that? ER, que ele? N z.

  Sure. I wondered if you knew not have intended, that after, after she was born, her mom began seeing a Dutch man named add.   They fell in love and the three of them moved to the Netherlands together.

  Nicole was just three years old when they had moved and gotten married together there, but their love was short-lived. And in 1989. Nicole's mom and stepdad divorced and he actually won custody of her. Oh,

which really surprised a stepfather.

Wow. Yeah.

So Nicole spent a lot of time with ads mother, who she loved like her own grandma. And due to the nature of his career as a singer.

  He was required to travel a lot. So   she was with her grandma away. And Nicole's mother.   She did she sadly committed suicide in April of her long struggle with mental illness, so I don't know if

  That played a role in. Why he had gotten custody possibly hmmm.

  Well, it's like here. It always has to be something major if the mother doesn't have custody of her children. There's a very good reason for it. So

so that was in April of 95. Will that fall? Nicole was at her grandmother's on the day. She went missing on October 6, 1995. She was only 15 years old. She took off on her bike early in the You to go to work at a nearby bakery that day and Claudia's case last week involved. A young girl on a bike and now here I am this video.

  Oh, there you go, or

just don't her employer kind of five days later on October.

Well, you care to tell me who

  By to come forward

recognized of our own accord.

Now, why would the

founder of backpack? Those are things that she would keep, hang onto if I run away   and it all the, you know, her grandma. She just kept holding onto that idea, right? Police kind of threw that out there and the grandma was like, yeah. I hope she maybe she ran away on her own free will and she's having a good time. And of course, I think that's wishful thinking, you know, you Police say that, of course you want to think that Ryan   and but our stepfather.

  He believed the police were on the wrong track and it turned out he was right. The remains of her body were found by a hiker seven weeks after her disappearance, and the cause of her death was never released   the police simply stated. She came to a horrific end. Now, why would you not?

  Yeah, that could mean anything. I mean, like

her family. Deserves to know what happened to her.   Maybe not go completely public with the details, but typically

to the family

you would you and I are able to kind of know, right, what happened. So I thought that

I wouldn't say this and I don't know what Dutch law is on, you know, releasing information to the The family, I don't know.

Well later on, it came to the surface toward the end and if this but   just very interesting initially how the police handle this,   you know, the fact that they're like maybe she ran away and then they didn't want to come out with the cause of death initially. So By November 20th. It was documented that police had received about 300 leads, and at her funeral on the following Tuesday, over a thousand people came to pay their respects and the loss of her life.   Police took their case underground. And no information was known in Miami for drug smuggling. She said, she knew who murders and she was forced to smuggle drugs for people that knew like knew she knew. So they like held it over her

head and Miami.

Well, no, she was, she was, she was there being held there. So I don't know what happened. I'm not it doesn't say why she in March to interview her. Mhm,   and they released a statement saying that their time spent with her reveal. Oh


  I don't know. I mean, and it's   so to me, it's just kind of like,

  Whatever rat rather than arresting is question for five days, but with police telling the media but like his son, he is later released and cleared as a suspect.

  Nicole's brother. Andy had moved to the UK in the Years following the murder of his sister.   Okay, I'm goes on.   Okay, and on March 8 2011 he would return to his home nation for further questioning. By police. The reason for the police's Newfound interest in Andy was because he used Facebook to confess openly to being involved in the murder of his sister.

Jesus   now, okay, tell me real quick. If you know, if you looked into that hole. How old was Andy at the time of Nicole's disappearance, or is he older or younger?

  I'm not sure what the age difference is, because I don't know, it didn't give me his date of birth, but I could find out. I'm

coming. Well,   I can look real quick to while you

yeah,   I just know she was 15. I do believe they were closed. They were close in age. I believe. He was very close to her. So   she was born in 1980. Hmm.   Okay, so   he after all this went down, he moves to the UK.   March 2011. He confesses on Facebook


  Goes to the police.

It doesn't say, it just takes me straight to her even output. Even, you know, put in   his name.   It's hard that pops up. So,

so the Facebook post said, I will be arrested today for the murder of my sister have confessed will be in contact soon.

Yeah. Okay, Facebook   going to jail. Jail, all right.

So you guys know this kind of remind him not to get off topic, but this kind of reminded me of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. The Facebook post and how it's still there. It's still live. You can go to it and see it. That's not too weird. Yeah, that's so weird. So, you know me immediately I searched for, you know, him and I find him and I'm looking for his original post. Right? But the first post that I see, it's actually a suicide post. So that's   he actually did end up killing. Himself in that post is still there.   And it was, it was very kind of shocking and sad to see that

  if you want me to pull them up real quick.

Sure, but that   Was August 27th. Actually of this year is when, when he posted, you know, I'm ready to say. Goodbye. The pills will do the rest and that was the end of of his run. So   He did post many things on there, like, about a sister.

  Oh, yeah. Okay. That was on August 27th. I'm ready to say. Goodbye. The pills will do the rest. Yeah,   but then the   same day   writing relaxing hugs.

  Yeah, but so I'm scrolling through his timeline, like the creeper. I am right,   you know. I he was a huge soccer fan like a soccer

fan. All Europeans

are he loved men? Lots of men and he was, he was good-looking. He was definitely, he was gay. He loved soccer. He secretly loved to sing but not so secretly because he did do a live where he sang A George Michael song.   And he's like, he's like, you guys. I need to know. I need to know. Tell me the truth. Be honest. Should I be a politician or should I be a singer? And he's like, I'm going to sing you some George Michael. And the answer, the answer is that he should have been a politician. Gansta. Yeah. Well, August 21st. He said, mixing the first songs of my album biggest compliment. It sounds complete.

  So he was mixing his album.

  So anyway.

  that was

  it was something

  but   Anyway, going back to, you know, he posted the confession on Facebook. He walked to the police station confessed was brought for a hearing at Westminster Court London Police and you know, arrested him. But found there was no evidence other than his own confession, that linked him to a step sisters. Murder. The decision was made to extradite him to the Netherlands and just when people from the outside looking in thought the mystery was about To be solved the judge released Andy   there. Just wasn't enough evidence to link him. So he was released only fighting. Hmm.

  And shortly afterward. So he said he did it and then he said he didn't and he says, zoomed and get DNA off her as you do. And she's, so it's just cracks me up. But anyway.   He was released on April 5th, and immediately. This is crazy. He was released and stated. His father was responsible for the death of Nicole. He said the motive was, he raped her, she became pregnant, and he killed her to conceal, his misdeeds.

  And, you know, maybe he said he did it. Maybe he felt guilty because he knew about it or witness something and felt guilty about it.

Yeah, and   he said he did it to get her body exhumed to get DNA off. Knowing that, maybe his dad's DNA was on there. But did they ever say she was pregnant was a confirmed?


but but Wikipedia said that she may have been to me. It's like are you or aren't you? It's very

clear. I may be pregnant

and to me if you are, that's a double murder. Yes. And so that pisses me off. You need to know or not know. But anyway, that's neither here, nor there.

I'm not.

  So, yeah, he quickly points the finger at his father, which was kind of alarming to read and then so his go

ahead while. But you never know what goes on. He was not the father of the year, father, quickly rejected the accusations and turned upon his her.

  Just interest to both the police and the media. This was

only 5000 guilders.

  There were, you know, there was and four days later. The police

  I want to say.

  This is interesting. They'd weigh donates. His DNA the next day to rule himself out as a suspect sentenced to three years. Preventive did but he strongly rejected, the Clin, including Nicole's bull.

I know, but she was 15.

So his defense asked the court for a ride. These people are just so yeah. Seating from from that day, was found who did that, who did that? There are so many sketchy

things. Gotta be the police

eggs and the count. What are you guys doing? You know the trial was set for November 2015 and it dragged on for more.   I feel like they had all of these different Specialists looking at the DNA interview that you know, she

had no new one, the state for them. To go to Miami,

  you know this day to the prosecution, a

have been mixed

up. They have been that

seems to be the magic word. How is it? Any DNA evidence even left? But yeah, and one of them is other.

  Do it.

  Giving me some kind of deja

vu. I am here to tell you that Andy. I think he did it and I think he's no George Michael.

Well, he's not know, George Michael. I heard

that song. I mean I loved him until until I read that and then I was like Andy not a fan, not a fan.   Okay, so

well, but it could also be because there were younger, maybe he was a little confused about his sexuality, you know. And maybe.   Things went wrong, things, went South

and Sister cover it up. As you do, as many dads do. Hmm, wasn't his daughter. It was his stepdaughter and he probably knows, who knows how that goes. So, but yeah, experts couldn't, you know, agree on the reliability of the sample. So it was announced,   you know, they were going to try to reanalyze the DNA using different methods. Nothing came. That nothing became of any of that her autopsy showed. She had suffered two fractures to the jaw, other injuries to the head and fingers, and a rib injury caused by a fatal. Stab Wound. It was announced on day four of the trial to most likely be from a Swiss army knife. The case has been halted for a period of eight days, because two witnesses, contacted police. In a later interview, they stated Yost AG had made a confession to them while the three were in a mental institution together, a decade earlier that he had murdered Nicole. So Yost AG confessed to these two other psychiatric inmates that he did it. But his attorney argued that the motivation was, was that

okay? Well, I'm sorry though. How reliable are?

  Yeah, I mean, it's so windy. So when his attorney argued that they were like, yeah, probably. So December.   Fourth trial day, six, the next piece of information came from New Zealand, you know, the case experts concluded the evidence.   So, they said, to the DNA was 2.3 million times more likely to be yo stage. He's DNA than anyone elses,   but it wasn't truly his, or whatever. Couldn't completely pinpoint. It. It was just 2.3 million times more likely than anyone elses.   So the defense counsel dismisses the findings as trash and states. The DNA deposits may have been the result of consensual sex on June 13th, another scientist disagrees, you know, they kind of go back and forth this led him being convicted of rape, but there was not enough evidence to convict him of manslaughter.   Not only that they knew somebody else was involved. So basically he got off, he was given it a light sentence of five years for rape.   Because they knew he was legally insane   at the time of the crime. Now. Once they said, once the five-year sentence was completed. He was to be sent to another psychiatric facility for an undetermined length of time. No less than three years. His defense continued to claim that evidence was suspicious, right? But but right, after the five-year sentence was given the public prostitute prosecution, screamed bullshit. They're like five years is not going to be okay with us. They immediately appealed the decision and demanded 14 years imprisonment, as they had done initially in the trial, and their appeal was successful, Yost AG stated in court. I'm Going Through Hell at the moment. I'm innocent and kind of out apologize and quote, the Court ruled that the public prosecution service was correct in their judgment, and he ended up being convicted of rape. Indian Slaughter. This time, his sentence was increased from 5 to 12, right? It with his post psychiatric treatment remaining the same. And the sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court in June of last year. So they oh wow. And last June Supreme Court was like, fuck

you, you guys know, don't appeal your sentence.

So to it. You're

just getting more or it's not going. To change stick with what you've got. Yeah, but yeah, you know Nicole had such a short life lived, just riding her bike to work and being attacked. Nobody could have predicted that horses.

  Had a very short life and she was beautiful. Oh,

what a gorgeous, girl. Gorgeous. Of course language is German.

  I apologize for all the twists. My didn't mean to mislead. You buy any.

So what is your theory? Tell me real

quick. You after everything I was They convinced Andy didn't do it.

  Especially I mean, if you look through is timeline on Facebook, he's just very remembering of her posting birthday posts of her and stuff pictures.

  You know, at obviously continued to stay with him and really bother him on a very deep level.   I think he did it. I think he did it because it doesn't make sense the way he went about it. If his entire goal was to have her body exhumed and not flip it toward his dad

  like maybe it was his dad because their DNA is so close. I'm sure of it. And yeah, you know, they said he did it and he figured he would go to jail because he probably couldn't convince. Vince them otherwise and Killed himself.

  Could have been, I mean, and that's the thing. I mean, he was very gay. He loved the voice and you guys. Yeah, I mean, he   know   he just when you look at him and look through stuff somebody you totally could have been friends with, you know, it was like, happy birthday Madonna. Like, oh

  well, if you guys have another theory, let us know of seriously. Send us an email, judge a crime girls at Calm.

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Please do have you heard of this case before? Totally blew my peace. You beautiful angel. Joel. Yeah, so if you're buying bikes for Christmas, don't forget the accessori