April 5, 2023

Bonus Episode: Deceptions & Resurrections, Part 2

Bonus Episode: Deceptions & Resurrections, Part 2
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This Easter, join Shane Waters on a whimsical adventure featuring 13 podcasters, including us, the Judgy Crime Girls, as they share true stories of con artists and fake deaths. Delve into the magical world of the Enchanted Easterlands, where you’ll encounter peculiar characters and captivating true crime tales. Discover the history and origins of Easter, and experience a journey like no other. 

 It’s an extra special, two part, more than two-hour, Easter event. 

Podcasts are listed here in order of appearance:
Part 2:

  1. Wicked Deeds: [www.wickeddeedspodcast.com]
  2. Obscura: A True Crime Podcast: [https://www.itsobscura.com/]
  3. Hillbilly Horror Stories: [www.hillbillyhorrorstories.com
  4. History Goes Bump: [http://historygoesbump.com/]
  5. Judgy Crime Girls: [www.judgycrimegirls.com/]
  6. Foul Play: Crime Series: [https://itsfoulplay.com]

If you enjoyed this holiday collaboration special, check out the other collaboration specials: My Bloody Valentine [https://tinyurl.com/e6ynmzpr] and A Nightmare before Halloween [https://tinyurl.com/52jeh66d]. Stay tuned for upcoming holiday collaborations for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Until our next adventure, stay safe and stay vigilant.

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